Silverhooks Womens Boho Patchwork Beach Tote Bag w/Black Trim (Multi Color)

This Boho Patchwork multi-color tote bag from Silverhooks gives you value for money. Durable lined interior and polyester exterior allow you to easily spot most spots or stains while providing a sturdy bag that will not tear or puncture easily. Ideal for a day at the beach, shopping or just hanging out with friends, this bag will not age and you will never miss activities for which it can be used. A large main compartment with zipper, 2 zippered outer pockets and a zippered pocket at the back to store your towels, groceries, cell phone, keys, wallet and much more. Featuring a unique pattern and color combination, this reusable shopping bag is only available at Silverhooks. Measures 18.5 "x 13.75" x 6.5 ". ORGANIZATION – Staying organized can make your life cleaner and less stressful With a large zippered main compartment, 2 zippered outer pockets and a zippered back pocket, you Organize Your Business Keep your towels, clothes, groceries and everything else you need for this bag quickly and easily.
ON THE GO – If you have a busy lifestyle, you need a matching handbag. This travel bag is ideal to go to the mall, the beach or to go out in town. Its small and light construction can always contain all your everyday objects without weighing you down.
DESIGN – Featuring a unique pattern and a unique color scheme, this bag is a perfect blend of quality and value. Lightweight polyester materials can be easily cleaned and include durable nylon straps for easy transport. The spacious size and design allow you to use this bag as a shopping bag, beach bag, travel bag or carry-on bag.
CLEANING – Spills can ruin your day and your bag. In case of spill, the polyester exterior and lined interior can be easily cleaned. Most spills can be quickly wiped off with a damp cloth immediately after you notice it and you will be ready to leave.
DIMENSIONS – Measures 18.5 "x 13.75" x 6.5

Price: $14.99
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