Travelon Anti-Theft Concealed Carry Hobo Bag, Black

Travelon's concealed anti-theft transport bag is the safest way to carry it. The front compartment contains your firearm and includes tamper-proof zippers from travelon (TM) to help you keep unwanted hands. It includes a rigid rear wall lined with hooks and buckles and a reversible case. The holster is fixed to the board and can be positioned to fit the size of the gun and the user's preferences in terms of draw, to ensure a longer print run. sure. For layered protection, this bag includes pockets designated for pepper spray and a knife. The main compartment is equipped with ID card slots and passport, a padded and lined fleece lined pocket for iPad or tablet, as well as a key ring attached with an LED light. The zippered compartments at the front and back are perfect for items to grab quickly. The side expansion pocket keeps the water bottle at your fingertips. Anti-theft features include cut-resistant construction, lockable compartments, cut and lock straps to protect you and your belongings. Patent: Front panel with tamper-proof zipper and left-right reversible gun case
The rifle case attaches to the bottom of the compartment for a secure draw
Designated pockets for pepper spray and a knife for layer protection
The main compartment has pockets for passport cards and RFID protected cards. padded, fleece-lined pocket for iPad or tablet

Price: $73.75 - $73.70
(as of Apr 26,2019 15:18:12 UTC – Details)

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