Credit Card Protector – 1 RFID Blocking Card Does All to Block RFID / NFC Signal…

It does not take much for a hacker to recover personal information from your credit cards and passport. All they have to do is carry a hidden digital reader and simply scan the information from the RFID chips in your credit cards and passport. And all of this can happen while your cards are kept, probably safely, in your purse, while you're not aware of the loss of your exclusive property on your most valuable asset – your identity.
Provide your personal identification with the ultimate protection. SignalRed RFID blocking card, powered by E-Field technology, automatically detects all nearby RFID scanners and immediately blocks and scrambles RFID signals for the intruder. Protecting your identity does not get any easier – just keep your credit card protector among your other cards for instant security! No batteries are required. the power comes from the unauthorized scanner itself and is used for your protection.
Your SignalRed RFID blocking card fits easily into your purse, wallet or mobile phone case, for everyday use and stress free travel. You only need one card and you are ready to go!
Our mission is to give you total peace of mind. Therefore, if for any reason you can not find our card adapted to your needs, we will fully refund the return of the goods – no questions are asked!

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Security. The RFID blocking card is powered by E-Field technology, which blocks and scrambles RFID NFC signals, protecting your personal information from unauthorized scanning.
Effective. A card does everything to protect all the cards in your wallet. No double card required!
Effective. Simply slide the card into your wallet for instant protection of all your cards.
Compact. The credit card protector fits perfectly to your wallet or purse for maximum space savings.
Verifiable. Download the "NFC TOOLS" app on your Android and watch SignalRed do its homework for you.

Price: $29.99 - $14.97
(as of Jan 10,2019 23:59:20 UTC – Details)

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