Nautica Money Manager RFID Women’s Wallet Clutch Organizer (Indigo Buff)

RFID BLOCKING OF WOMEN NAUTICA MONEY MANAGER: This wallet pocket is the perfect wallet to stay organized and stylish. With a smooth vegan leather, it is perfect for all occasions.

RFID LOCKING TECHNOLOGY: Each RFID blocking clutch portfolio from Nuatica Money Manager is manufactured with RFID blocking technology. Now you no longer have to worry that your thief is corroding your credit card information, debit card or driver's license Theft of wireless identity, also called contactless identity theft or theft of RFID identity, is a growing concern as more and more cards are activated with RF technology. Make sure to be protected from these criminals and thieves with our women's RFID wallets. Our RFID blocking wallet with checkbook storage will secure your identity and personal information against RFID scanning devices, skimming devices and electric pickpockets.

SILVER MANAGER DESIGN:Designed with an organization and style in mind, this wallet is packed with options that will help you in your daily life. Featuring essential features, each women's clutch portfolio includes:

  • RFID blocking technology
  • 14 credit card slots + 2 large hidden pockets
  • 2 windows with photo of the interior identity
  • 2 interior compartments with bellows perfect for your checkbook
  • Inside zip pocket
  • Outside pocket with zipper to change coins
  • Closure inside to keep your credit cards closed
  • Adjustable waist (two sizes) with snap closure to open and close your wallet
  • Measures 7.5 "x 4" x 1.25 "
  • STYLE AND FUNCTIONAL: Nautica Money Manager Women's RFID Clutch Wallet is the ideal wallet for women. With the function and style combined in this compact wallet clutch, you're ready to face the day. Do not wait any longer, protect your identity and protect yourself with the RFID BLOCKING Briefcase – The Nautica Money Manager – The RFID blocking wallet clutch prevents theft and electronic theft, protect your credit cards , debit cards, driver's license, bank cards or any other RFID-compatible card
    RFID PASSPORT PORTFOLIO STOP THE IDENTITY THEFT – Prevents scanners and scanners from stealing your personal information, allowing you to protect your identity and protect your information while traveling while using our women's RFID wallet.
    WOMEN'S MAGNIFICENT WALLET CLUTCH – A vegetable leather wallet with a snap closure and an interior with 14 credit card pockets, 2 horizontal pockets and 2 image / ID windows for easy viewing of used cards and photos regularly
    INTERIOR CLASSIFICATION SYSTEM – Accordion-style bellows compartments are perfect for storing money and storing all your important belongings with enough space to carry your checkbook
    EXTRA STORAGE 2 POCKETS ZIPPER – Inside this women's pouch, you'll find a zipper pocket and the back of this women's pouch, a zippered coin pocket to keep your currency and your coins in bulk

    Price: $19.95
    (as of Aug 17,2019 19:33:11 UTC – Details)

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